3 Ways to Win New Clients by Going the Extra Mile

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Winning new clients is very similar to fishing. You put the best on the fishing hook and wait for the clients to come to you.

No matter how good a persuader you are or what brilliant ideas are brewing up in your mind, when you are in the business. It all comes down to securing clients –clients who will help your business grow, clients who will becomes your brand’s ambassador, clients who will take it to new heights, therefore, good connections with them is essential.

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This blog lists a few tips on how to win them, or as we like to call it, catch the fish! From providing discounts to booking San Diego corporate car service for them when they are in town, this blog has it all.

1.     Productize:

Offer your services in a package form. For instance, if you are a marketing firm and also offer content development, business plan strategies and Webpage services, for them to your clients in a package form. Doing so will ensure more revenue for your business as all your services are being used by the client and not just one even if they just wanted some web pages designed.

2.     Follow up on them:

Following up on clients who were lost – those who didn’t get back to you on your proposal. – It is also important. Staying on their radar increases the possibility of tm getting back to you in case they are not happy with the proposed plan they opted for while rejecting yours.

3.     Offer them something extra:

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For instance, if they are visiting just for a meet up with you, ensure that you make their trip worthwhile and as stress-free as possible. For instance, send a San Diego corporate car service to pick them up from the airport and take them to their hotel, then send another corporate black car service to pick them up from their hotel to bring them to the meet up place and drop them back to the airport in an airport town car service.

Although, a very small gesture, this will surely show your clients how much they are valued by you and your company. Sometimes, it is such small gestures that win big deals and not the money talk. Call us today at (619) 738-1618

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