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Not just any bus can take you where you want to go. If you’re dreaming of a fun filled summer vacation, or even a productive business conference as you and your team are on their way to a make or break presentation, the right transportation company can have a huge impact on how your experience turns out. We understand the importance of standards like fantastic punctuality, being accommodating, professional, and affordable. We also have the experience it takes to provide groups even in thousands to arrive at once, safety, comfortably, and of course—on time.

We believe that not all bus rentals are created equal, and we like to give both our new clients and patrons the best. We think you will find our late model deluxe designer vehicles to be in an excellent like-new condition, so you and your guests can always feel comfortable in your travel atmosphere. Our vehicles are taken care of, from the shining exterior, to a well-tuned engine, to plush and comfy seats, and a clean environment.

Charter Bus Service

Providing exceptional group travel services is our specialty, but we also have school bus rentals. Not only are they used for school transit, sports teams and the like, but soon to be newlyweds have been using the school bus as a last minute solution for wedding transportation for their large family. Although, you’re not limited to school buses, our minibus rental is often preferred.

Our staff is very knowledgeable and are all ears to help with whatever we can! We understand that coordinating and planning group travel is stressful and requires attention to detail, and we are here for that. From airport transfers, to out-of-state vacation—our bus chauffeurs follow your schedule by the minute.

We are here for all of your last minute requests and plans, available 24 hours a day and on short notice—even for multiple vehicles at once. Let us handle the hassle of driving and directions and you can have peace of mind knowing your guests will happily arrive on time.

We are here to provide you with the best transit experience possible. We’re here for all group transportation events and occasions—anywhere, anytime. Get Instant Charter Bus Pricing or Make Reservation today for Charter Bus Service – (619) 738-1618 

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