3 Expectations Your Wedding Guests Have From You

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We know it’s hard to live up to everyone’s expectations, but sometimes you need to arrange just some basic things to make them happy.

This is especially true when the said people are your guests and you need to show them all sorts of Southern hospitality even if you are not from the South.

We suggest you start with booking an Airport Town Car Service by just typing in Airport Car Service Near me on the Google page. Next, make sure your wedding contains at least these things that every guest would expect from you:

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1. Music:

Your guests expect you to arrange music for them and they expect you to have good choice of it. The best part is that the bride and the bridegroom, too, can enjoy their wedding a lot more when their favorite songs and music is hitting their ears.


2. Giving them the right seats:

Your guests will expect you to give them nicest seat in the room. Unfortunately, this definition of nice will differ with every guest and it is your job to know who will prefer what. For instance, that cool, beloved and fun aunt will expect front row whereas that quite introverted cousin would love you for giving them the corner seat. Just make sure you plan the seating arrangement wisely.

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3. A Good Speech:

People waste lost of words when they are given a chance to express themselves, and your guests too would expect you to share some quirky, wise and intelligent words instead of an incoherent speech with a sob after every word.


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