How Productive Could You Be with a San Diego Airport Car Service?

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Most people, when they think about hiring a San Diego Car Service service to bring them to or from the airport, think of it as an expense. However, imagine you can get work done while riding in the back of a limo service instead of being stuck behind the wheel.

How productive can you be?

The more productive you could be in an airport car service, the more that service can actually pay for itself, and then some. This may sound like folly, but we can explain it very quickly.

How much is your time worth?

On average, how much do you earn an hour? Even if you are only 60% productive for a particular hour, how much you earn? $40 an hour? $60 an hour? $100 an hour? Or more?

Let’s say, for example, you can earn $60 an hour while being productive.

If the trip costs $120 to get you to the airport, and it takes an hour and a half, you almost pay for the trip itself. What if you are a little further away? It could cost you the same amount, but you could earn $120, to pay for the trip itself. The more you earn, the more valuable that San Diego Airport Town Car becomes.

When you need transportation for groups of people, cheap coach buses in Atlanta are the best way to travel. You may not be productive traveling with all of these people, but it’s a great way to see and enjoy this incredible southern city.

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