5 Sizzling Facts about San Diego That Will Blow Your Mind

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You made the right choice if you chose San Diego for your summer holidays or for your wedding because it is very convenient to get your hands on Cheap Party Bus Rental and Wedding Car Service in this Plymouth of the West.

Not only is this city rich in beautiful sights and promising attractions, but it also has a compilation of some amusing facts. For your trip to become even more fun, you need to know this:

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1.     Christmas lights:

Here’s a heads up in case you are planning to spend your Christmas in San Diego. Leaving the Christmas lights up past the second day of February will cost you some hefty fines.

2.     No spellbinding in San Diego:

Sure, the sights will spellbind you in America’s finest city but no human can–hypnosis is banned by public schools in San Diego.

3.     Lakes are not for swimming:

For all those planning to take a dip in the lake, it’s illegal. Perhaps the reasons are something other than safety because these lakes are manmade with 70 miles of shorelines.

4.     The city can’t handle rain:

The city of San Diego enjoys perfect weather with nothing extreme. However, rains can cause chaos in the streets of San Diego because even a little bit of drizzle ends up with car frenzy and traffic laws in complete bedlam.

5.     San Diego has a rare amount of San Diegans:

While many people might call the city home, very few are actually San Diego born and raised. The city is crowded with students, beach surfers, vacationers-turned-residents, military personnel, immigrants and the likes, but few are actually true San Diegans.

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